Yes, we get it. Our foundation has a weird little name. But we think it’s perfect. And here’s why.

About five years ago, a package arrived on our doorstep. City of origin: Doylestown, PA. Culprit: Grandma Carole.

Inside was a funny-looking cotton doll named Scrappy Cat. And, yep, Roxie was immediately smitten with the kitten. In fact, this was an absolute game-changer.

Over the next few months, Rox began to squeak out a few words. One of those words was “Meow.” And the other one was, well, “Meow.”

The rest was history. Goodbye Scrappy Cat. Hello Meow Meow.

Mommy decided it might be a good idea to add a few more Scrappys to the family, just in case Meow Meow continued to find her way into the oven or the litter box. (You wouldn’t believe the things poor Meow Meow has seen.)

Here’s the deal. Meow Meow was Roxie’s comfort doll…her trusty feline BFF through thick and thin. (S)he gave Roxie the courage to weather blood draws, biopsies, bouts with pneumonia, semi-spooky cartoons and even terrible, terrible temper tantrums. Man oh man, did that child ever have some lungs.

In the end, however, Meow Meow couldn’t save Roxie from her greatest challenge of all. But (s)he now helps comfort US as we try our best to balance immeasurable grief with a very fuzzy future. We love you Meow Meow. Just like Roxie did.


This is what Meow Meow used to look like.


But that was before Roxie started chewing on her while deep asleep, using him/her as bait to taunt our cat (named Sprout) and subjecting Meow Meow to all kinds of dirty, stinky, slimy, nutty torturous adventures that do not exactly favor cotton cat comfort dolls. If Meow Meow could talk, we get the feeling a whole lot of four-letter words would come roaring out. And we don’t mean words like “ouch.”

And here’s how Meow Meow looks today.

This is after a boatload of super-duper-sticky-tricky sewing surgeries from Mommy. Oh, Meow Meow.



An all-too brief journey with Roxie & Meow Meow.


Who made Meow Meow?

Her name is Janice Masoud, a wonderful mother, designer and successful entrepreneur who runs a sustainable and socially responsible baby products company. Janice’s Scrappy Cat comfort dolls are just one of many ultra-cool products brought to market over 20 years. She also recently pledged a donation rife with a bunch of Scrappys a.k.a. Meows to our foundation. We are humbled. Not to mention, Meow Meow is STOKED to have new brothers and sisters!

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