This photo was taken June 3, 2019. Three weeks later, she drowned in the pool at Summerkids day camp in Altadena, CA. It was preventable. The counselor-lifeguards neglected her. And that negligence caused Roxie to die.




“We just looked away for a minute.”

How many times do we have to hear this? It is not acceptable. It is not productive. It is not in any way being accountable.

We must own this together so we can finally end this together.

This foundation is taking a different path. We do not care about mitigation. We demand elimination. Our mission focuses on WHY our children die at outrageous rates from a disease of adult ill-preparedness, ignorance and negligence. We will build the first end-to-end drowning prevention solution in California. We will not relent. We will not take “no” for an answer. We will be accountable. We will save lives.

No child should die in a pool, a river, a lake, an ocean or any body of water. PERIOD!

Yet, drowning is responsible for more U.S. deaths among children ages 0-4 than any other cause except birth defects. Among those ages 0-14 (Roxie was six-and-a-half), drowning remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes.

— World Health Organization


It’s Time for Some New Rules.


There are many efforts to reduce preventable drowning, but we need to do much more. We need to ELIMINATE, not mitigate.

Drownings are a disease of ill-preparedness and ignorance. Ans with 10 million residential pools and 300,000 public pools, let alone rivers, lakes, bays and oceans, America loves its water.

Let’s turn preventable water tragedies into health, safety and recreational triumphs… beginning today!

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Our other initiative.

Meow Meow Foundation doesn’t just honor Roxie. It honors all children who, like our daughter, have the right to vital health, safety and educational resources. In addition to water safety initiatives, with your help, we will also contribute to the following:



Roxie had Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID), a rare disorder. In fact, her gene mutation was the only reported case on the planet. She was also born with two Ventricular Septal Defects (VSD), a common congenital heart defect. They closed on their own (thanks to Roxie’s superpowers). While she was doing great and was able to do what other kids do, immunology and cardiology care can be mighty expensive. We want to help other families in need. We know Roxie would want that too.



“Roxie was so special and magical, and we are all better for having had her in our lives.”

“We cherish the beautiful memories and love she brought to us all.”

“Parents who talk about your beautiful daughter glow when they mention her name.”

“Roxie brought sunshine wherever she went, with her big smiles and warm hugs.”

“Roxie was always such a bright and beautiful presence and we will miss her greatly.”

“Roxie was so joyful and she lit up the room with so much laughter. Her smile was so infectious and her eyes always sparkled. Roxie was a pure delight”

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Get Involved

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it. We hurt badly, especially knowing this was a PREVENTABLE DROWNING at a camp that was not prepared to properly manage a simple situation. We cannot and will not let that stop us from raising money and awareness in order to save and improve young lives. It’s that simple. It’s our new purpose, our new way of honoring the little girl we loved to the moon and back.

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Your funds go directly to the above initiatives. And, yes, money can save or improve lives. We can do this. So, let’s get it done.

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Want to help us spread the word? Want to help us make vital regulatory change? Want to put smiles on kids’ faces?


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